Sunday, May 29
Workshop genki-nobori
Saturday, June 4
Rice planting by local children
Saturday, June 11
Opening Ceremony
Japanese Drum Concert
Opening Talk
Message from the Rice Paddies
Keiko Nakamura(biohistory researcher),
Koji Wakaichi (writer), Susumu Shingu
Workshop Making pinwheels
Sunday, June 19
Workshop Making decorations for the Vega Festival
Saturday, July 9
Workshop Observing the creatures of the rice paddies 1
Saturday, July 23
Workshop Observing the creatures of the rice paddies 2
Sunday, September 4
Workshop Make artistic scarecrows!
Workshop Make your own pottery!
Sunday, September 25
Rice reaping by children
Presentation of the completed scarecrows and pottery
Parade by the fairies of wind
Open-air Jazz Concert

Schedule and details of the workshops are subject to change.
Executive Committee of Atelier in the Rice Paddies
3240 Aimoto, Sanda-shi, Hyogo 669-1358
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Advisor Shinji Toshita Honorary Chairman of Sanda International Exchange Committee / former mayor of Sanda
Chair Susumu Shingu sculptor
Vice Chair Tetsuo Mori director of Hanshin-kita citizen's bureau of Hyogo Prefecture
  Masatake Yoshioka Deputy Mayor of Sanda
  Yoshio Hata Professor, School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University
  Kazuto Tanaka ceramic artist
Treasurer Norio Bono resident of Aimoto
Executive Director Shinobu Nakamura director of Machizukuri Sanda
Auditor Norihiro Takahashi designer, owner of Sanda Studio
  Akira Maenaka former deputy mayor of Sanda
Committee Members Koichi Kawasaki Assistant to the director, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
  Yasuo Yagi Professor, School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University
  Masahito Sekiguchi representative, Sekiguchi Ballet School / member of Sanda City Council
  Shinichi Goto director, Sanda Cultural Center
  Kaoru Nakanishi president, Sanda Tourism Association
  Manabu Bono former head, Iwakura Village
  Tadashi Kitora head, Iwakura Vilage
  Shiko Miyake sculptor
  Makoto Iida painter, professor, Osaka Shinai College
  Hidoyo Kugo Manager, Culture and Sports Division, Sanda city
support : Hyogo Prefecture, City of Sanda
collaboration : Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
Kwansei Gakuin University (School of Policy Studies / School of Science and Technology)
planning : Susumu Shingu
organization : Executive Committee of Atelier in the Rice Paddies
cooperation : Suntory Holdings Limited, Fukei-Secolo Co., Ltd., ISSEY MIYAKE INC.,
Ken Miki & Associates, Kinkouen Ltd., SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP.
Susumu Shingu
Susumu Shingu

Born in Osaka in 1937. Went to Italy after graduating from Tokyo University of Arts. During his six years stay in Italy, his style changed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional and to kinetic sculptures. Since then he has been making sculptures that move by the natural energies of wind and water now found all around the world.

His "Wind Caravan" traveled from 2000 to 2001 to six of the most characteristic landscapes of nature on Earth. Shingu exhibited the wind sculptures as installations in each area's landscape, collaborating with the people who live there and learning from them and their lifestyles.
Shingu is known as the author of picture books as well such as Strawberries, Spider and Wind Planet.

Perhaps the most popular among his permanent sculptures is "Boundless Sky" at Kansai International Airport. "Water Tree" at Aono Dam Park and "Poem of the Earth" at JR Shinsanda station are well known in Sanda, Hyogo, Japan.

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