Sunday, May 29
Workshop genki-nobori
Saturday, June 4
Rice planting by local children
Saturday, June 11
Opening Ceremony
Japanese Drum Concert
Opening Talk
Message from the Rice Paddies
Keiko Nakamura(biohistory researcher),
Koji Wakaichi (writer), Susumu Shingu
Workshop Making pinwheels
Sunday, June 19
Workshop Making decorations for the Vega Festival
Saturday, July 9
Workshop Observing the creatures of the rice paddies 1
Saturday, July 23
Workshop Observing the creatures of the rice paddies 2
Sunday, September 4
Workshop Make artistic scarecrows!
Workshop Make your own pottery!
Sunday, September 25
Rice reaping by children
Presentation of the completed scarecrows and pottery
Parade by the fairies of wind
Open-air Jazz Concert

Schedule and details of the workshops are subject to change.
Atelier in the Rice Paddies Closing Festival
September 25, 2011
The Closing Festival of Atelier in the Rice Paddies was held on September 25, 2011.

A pleasant autumn day welcomed about 400 participants. They enjoyed joining in the rice reaping, appreciating the works exhibited in the paddies, looking at the parade and listening to the music.
photo: Yumi Shingu, Yasuko Shingu

photo: Yumi Shingu
Handmade pinwheels were given to the children in the visitors.
photo: Yumi Shingu
Artistic scarecrows of ten pieces decorated the field.
photo: Yumi Shingu
Original pottery of 19 pieces were exhibited as well.
photo: Yasuko Shingu
In the paddies where the children planted rice on June 4th.
photo: Yumi Shingu
Some of the participants harvested rice with children.
photo: Yumi Shingu
Mysterious objects appeared on the footpath.
photo: Yumi Shingu
The parade by the students of Arima High School.
photo: Yumi Shingu
Then appeared the six members of Heartbeat Dixieland.
photo: Yumi Shingu
They walked to the stage playing continuously.
photo: Yumi Shingu
Oops! The balloons have gone flying!
photo: Yumi Shingu
Later, the balloons made two columns to decorate the stage.
photo: Yumi Shingu
The audience enjoyed listening to the fabulous sound of Dixieland Jazz.

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