Sunday, May 29
Workshop genki-nobori
Saturday, June 4
Rice planting by local children
Saturday, June 11
Opening Ceremony
Japanese Drum Concert
Opening Talk
Message from the Rice Paddies
Keiko Nakamura(biohistory researcher),
Koji Wakaichi (writer), Susumu Shingu
Workshop Making pinwheels
Sunday, June 19
Workshop Making decorations for the Vega Festival
Saturday, July 9
Workshop Observing the creatures of the rice paddies 1
Saturday, July 23
Workshop Observing the creatures of the rice paddies 2
Sunday, September 4
Workshop Make artistic scarecrows!
Workshop Make your own pottery!
Sunday, September 25
Rice reaping by children
Presentation of the completed scarecrows and pottery
Parade by the fairies of wind
Open-air Jazz Concert

Schedule and details of the workshops are subject to change.
Distant view of the exhibition site (c)Susumu Shingu
Wind (c)Susumu Shingu
Wind (c)Susumu Shingu
Wind (c)Susumu Shingu
Genki-nobori Streamers (c)Hideyo Kugo
Genki-nobori Streamers (c)Susumu Shingu
Genki-nobori Streamers (c)Susumu Shingu
Exhibition site (c)Susumu Shingu
Wind Children / Windmill Prototype / Cosmic Mirror (c)Susumu Shingu
Windmill Prototype (c)Susumu Shingu
Cosmic Mirror (c)Susumu Shingu
Cosmic Mirror (c)Susumu Shingu
Exhibition site on Aug. 4, 2011 (c)Susumu Shingu
Typhoon 12th approached on Sept. 3, 2011 (c)Susumu Shingu
Harvest season has come (c)Yasuko Shingu
After the harvest (c)Junichi Ota
Artistic scarecrows (c)Susumu Shingu
Wind Children / Genki-nobori Streamers (c)Susumu Shingu
Cosmic Mirror / Genki-nobori Streamers (c)Susumu Shingu
Wind (Illuminated by solar power) (c)Susumu Shingu
The vinyl house in which Wind is exhibited (c)Hideyo Kugo
Illuminated by solar and wind power (c)Hideyo Kugo
Illuminated Windmill Prototype and Wind Children (c)Hideyo Kugo
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